Location  |  MADRID [SPAIN]
Client  |  M. V. BARRIO
Size  |  100 H x 240 W INCHES

A once blank wall is transformed into a canvas expressing the ingenuity of its designers. Wall art is often the first visual impression of a space and thus plays role in the overall effect of interior design. Whether in public space like offices or in private residences, there is an increasing dependence on wall art to make environment stand out, illustrating the tastes, interests, temperaments and preferences of the owners and designers.

Aside from the individual requirements for wall design, the notion of "less furnishing, more decoration" is becoming an important trend. In addition, increasingly "soft decoration", like wall art, is taking the place of "hard decoration" due to its environment friendliness and its relative economy in terms of materials and human resources. Such design trends have attracted the attention of more interior designers and environmental art designers.

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