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"Antonio Matres was the only architect I met with whom I felt really understood the task of tethering the strategy of our company to the design of its entrance. In this regard, Antonio was a total visionary". [Lauren Crampsie - Ogilvy]




Antonio Matres is a talented, innovative and groundbreaking professional. His ability to see possibilities for dynamic design is extraordinary.

Antonio looks at a space and envisions beautiful and unexpected outcomes. He has always been responsive to my aesthetic while introducing creative aspects that move a space to beautifully designed and unique results.

Working with Antonio is always effortless and intuitive. I have worked with design professionals in the past who find it difficult to move outside of their own aesthetic and instead try to mold the client toward their own design.

It is an absolute pleasure to work with a professional who can listen, envision and then perfect the design outcome to something well balanced between the client and Antonio’s remarkable design talent.



In taking on the daunting project of designing my company's lobby, I need to partner with an architect who could think strategically and simplistically about design. We are a creative company, so it was pertinent that the design we decided on felt inviting, yet bold. 

Antonio Matres was the only architect I met with whom I felt really understood the task of tethering the strategy of our company to the design of its entrance. In this regard, Antonio was a total visionary.

His innovative designs not only personified our corporate culture, but told stories through very simple techniques like dimensional art and pops of color. Antonio was involved in every aspect of the design from inception to execution. No phone call, e-mail or text went unanswered during my time working with him.

I would highly recommend Antonio's services to anyone looking for an inventive, modern architect and designer who cares first and foremost about his fulfilling his clients' aspirations and dreams.



Antonio Matres is a special architect. He lives architecture with true passion and is highly demanding of himself in each and every one of his works no matter the scale or size. He has a meticulous attention to detail and is always looking for innovation in his designs.

He is capable of creating beautiful spaces, even in an industrial design, without neglecting its functionality. He has highly elevated training that allows him to control the entire process enriching the project in benefits to the client. His exhaustive analysis of the situation and the client’s needs is perfectly reflected in his varied work. Antonio’s enthusiasm and passion for what he does enables him to do things that provoke and/or inspire.

It is certainly a sure hit and a privilege to be in his hands, because the result always far exceeds what you expect from him.

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I’m a good cook, but for the past several years I’ve approached my Upper West Side kitchen with anxiety and dread- that’s how dysfunctional it was!

Then, Antonio Matres entered my life.  His process is really joyful and creative - not two words I might have used about home improvements in the past.

He was extremely generous with his time and talent, and it couldn’t have been done without his associate, Nicole Dana.

The result is a truly unique and beautiful kitchen that reflects who we are. Now I’m cooking and living in my new kitchen... and loving it.



Talking about Antonio Matres as a professional is like opening a small wooden music box, carved and painted by hand, earth-toned, blue and gold, which finds us in its interior in a dance of a creator that with his body, soul, and rhythm, reveals; without being able to avoid it, beauty within him. 

Antonio is that creator, multifaceted person in his work that floods and infects of enthusiasm to those who have had the pleasure of working with him. Someone with an exquisite taste and criteria when it comes to realizing the wishes of those who have retained him; translating his clients imaginations into realistic projects.

Antonio’s more human side, transcends that aura of acute professional to share his passion on contexts of academia. It is inevitable not to realize the brightness of his eyes, the smile of his lips, each time that he shares his expertise with students and colleagues in classrooms, conferences, seminars, etc. Listening to him and watching him speak, causes the automatic enthusiasm of those who are educated as he is to develop their profession.

I have no doubt Antonio, in body and soul, was born to be who he is and will continue drawing his dancing with every project undertaken, at the rhythm that he himself designs for every occasion.

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