Life takes you to your dreams… That is how I ended up here, where I live, where I work, where I create abstractions from nothing that becomes designs on paper and finally transform into materials, colors and shapes.

Here I breathe the same air that Mies, Wright, Gropius, Aalto and Le Corbusier breathed in their time. I breathe the essence of a changing, wounded, turbulent, imaginative city that is at once the center of everything and the center of nothing. I am in the middle of Manhattan, the city that reaches up to touch God, the city that never sleeps.

Madrid, where I was born in 1977, is far away. So is the School of Architecture that gave me my open-minded, humanist vision of the plasticity of dwell (ETSAM, Madrid 2oo6). So are my years of experience in different studios in the Spanish capital (Horacio Fernandez del Castillo’s Architecture and Restoration Workshop (Madrid 2oo4 - 2oo5) or Daniel Ruiz’s Studio A22 (Madrid 2oo7 - 2o13), among others. My master’s degree in Interior Architecture (MDAi - ETSAM, Madrid 2oo5). My years as a professor of Form Analysis, member of the Academic Board and Art and Technology Coordinator at School of Architecture (UCJC, Madrid 2oo6 - 2oo8). The classes, conference series and master classes I have taught…

I am beginning a new journey, starting the second act on a new movie set with a new, loud, original soundtrack and a skyline that acts as a supporting backdrop. Am I beginning? No. I am continuing my path, my career, my calling…

"Traveller, there is no path. You make it as you go along".[antonio machado]




Nicole began her career as an exhibition coordinator at a local gallery in Brooklyn in 2013.  Since then, she has been regularly commissioned for a range of work from corporate murals and portraiture, to restaurant interior design.

In addition to her background in painting and art history, Nicole brings her experience in luxury hospitality and branding (ABC Kitchen, SoulCycle, lululemon) to her role as design assistant at AM Studio.

Nicole is responsible for monitoring meticulous execution of all projects and supporting production of clients' needs.


"Good management is the art of making problems so interesting and solutions so constructive that everyone wants to go to work and deal with them".

[paul hawken]