Location  |  NEW YORK [NY]
Client  |  Mr & Mrs X
Size  |  2,000.00 SF

A renovation project is usually faced in two different ways: the easiest and less expensive one is decorating the spaces and giving them a new look; the second option is getting involved in a real interior design project where construction gets involved in the process.

Two are the ways... or maybe not.

We believe that there's a third one. The designer creates spaces taking the client as a base to the point that every single piece of furniture is customized and even the artwork becomes commissioned.

We are truly proud of our vision for this residence. A modern persian home based on each of the five dwellers and the way they live their life. Mixing their deep sense of culture, their colorful personalities, and their flare for the arts while keeping a practical fence around the fact that three of them are under the age of seven.