Location  |  THE HAMPTONS [NY]
Client  |  Mr & Mrs X
Size  |  8,500.00 SF

From a partially constructed home project, AM Studio came into this project and transformed its interior and part of the exterior to create this beautiful house: a modern two-story home offering a luxurious summer cross section of retreat and entertainment.

Entirely revolving around the pool as its center, experiencing the home begins with the large double-height entrance hall leading into the remaining indoors. Between two master bedrooms, two guest rooms, and a children’s bedroom- each occupant space has been design for its inhabitant specifically.

Considering cultural heritage and modern presentation, they directly reflect the aesthetics and energy of those for whom they are built.

The flat roof includes a fully equipped kitchen, seating, and Jacuzzi allowing for one event to be occurring, while simultaneously the basement bar and theatre room offers space for entirely other experiences.

Beginning with a basic core, AM Studio has created a multifaceted home, intended to elevate a way of life and facilitate true experience.