Location  |  NEW YORK [NY]
Client  |  THE HENDREN
Size  |  1,500.00 SF

Two piece project in the same color and material palette using the purest nyc apartment style.

The first space  serves as an entrance to two apartments that belong to the same family executed with the maximum possible functionality and showing their naked soul to the visitors that experience it.

The guest is taken by a furniture-bench that crosses the length of the space serving as storage space. A lamp, parallel to the bench, collects coats and lights up the volume. Finishing the space is a “fresco painting” on the ceiling which depicts the essences of its owners.

The second part of this project is a multifuntional space that serves as an apartments.

The floorplan is divided in the easiest and most functional way possible: the first big space houses all the public areas (living room, dining room, kitchen, pantry, and a half bathroom); and the second one the private spaces (master bedroom and main bathroom).