Location  |  NEW YORK [NY]
Client  |  L. CRAMPSIE
Size  |  60 H x 48 W INCHES

"I believe that the only way to market a brand is to have an identifiable distinguished personality. And if you look at really successful CMOs over the years, in almost every case you knew who they were as people [...]

So what I’ve tried to do is be me as best as I can be. I haven’t been afraid to show the real me. I’m sarcastic, I’m an over-sharer and I’m into buzzwords. And I love hashtags and memes and GIFS [...]

I’ve had moments when I’ve been dinged for it. I’ve had moments where I’ve been praised for it. But, I think that if I’ve gotten to where I’ve gotten, I must be doing something right. Your best weapon is your integrity. So, if I go out there and try being someone I’m not, I’ve left my integrity behind".