Location | NEW YORK [NY]
Client | Mr & Mrs X
Size | LAMP

This lighting structure was created to elevate the tone of a residential space. Copper material is used in multiple furnishing pieces of the dining room, paralleling reflection of light through reflection of material. The shape of the table is also mimicked in the geometric nature of the design; by opening at slightly different angles, a larger surface of the table can be reached by light.

Created as one ceiling mounted lamp, the three geometric forms act individually. As only two display darker exterior finishes with natural interiors, having the third inverted creates a dialogue not only between the whole lamp and the space as well as within light structure itself.

Copper is primarily used with LED light sourcing nested between the exterior skeleton and interior floating copper plates. Rather than displaying similar finishes on all three forms, the differentiation of one black interior absorbs more light allowing for variance of light intensity.