Location  |  33 Bond St - NOHO [NY]
Client  |  CEE & DEE
Size  |  4,000.00 SF

Offering luxury training and physical therapy, BE | Body Evolved is a modern take on movement coaching, centered around over-all wellness.

AM Studio streamlines functionality and design by providing multidisciplinary services: identity-branding, interior design, architecture, and fine art. The brass framed entry window with unique pendant lamps is used as a collective advertising board- foreground to the interior 13 ft. tall logo that welcomes clients to this open training space.

Inside lies a multifunctional fluid space encompassing three main areas:

- Beginning with the entry lobby + retail section offers a relaxing waiting area.

- The personal training section follows with all branded full set equipment for strength and cardio work.

- Finally, therapy tables and tools combined give the most advanced techniques in the field, backlit by sconces reminiscent of the entryway.

The secondary rooms allow for clients’ experience to be elevated unexpectedly: private lockers, luxury custom bathrooms + shower complete with top line amenities, and soft changing room. The whole space is unified with materials, textures, and color palette: white oak, black rubber floor, brass metal details & white+grey function as the base canvas on which the rest of the colors are combined.