Tomorrowland | Part Two

[Read Tomorrowland Part 1 first]

If this new amalgamation of professionals is deemed responsible for the Future of Urbanism, the information age and its technologies will be the roots of the communication between this group and the client; i.e society and the city. This new ideal will ensure fast, direct and easy communication between thisurbanist group and society. An example of this technology may be found and best represented in Appgree.

Appgree is a web and mobile application that allows groups of dozens up to millions of people to communicate with the clarity, ease and coherence of a single person. With this app, a brand’s followers, members of an association, or any type of community is able to share their ideas, opinions and/or questions, reaching a consensus in a matter of seconds, thanks to a simple yet extremely powerful statistics-based algorithm «DemoRank».

DemoRank is the driving motor behind the agreement process that makes Appgree work; it is an algorithm created to facilitate and streamline the decision making process of a group, in a simple and very fair way, with respect to proposals submitted by its members.

This algorithm is based on the statistics principle that establishes that a sample of people chosen at random is representative of the group as a whole. With that, Appgree determines the idea that best represents the group in each posed question by ascertaining the opinion of each person regarding a few ideas. This is what facilitates an immediate response of the group, regardless of size.

Since 2013, this basic theory simulates realistic criteria that have acquired relative information in minutes, producing accumulative results given a majority influenced option with precise veracity.  In short, polling more than a million people within minutes produces a result of 99.9% accuracy. 

Appgree was put to the test in late 2013 on «Big Brother» a live national primetime television show in Spain. The application was downloaded by 150,000 viewers.

The show proposed the Appggree viewer a series of open ended questions and, within moments, a single accurate response was delivered from the thousands of combined voices with unheard of accuracy where as compared to «Twitter» the information was scattered, delayed and inconclusive.

In sum; Appgree is an application that allows a fluid dialogue between a mediator and a large constituency of people with impeccable functionality that can produce an immediate response reflecting a high level of accuracy and minimal errors. It is an application that can process open ended questions and allows for seamless unobstructed timely communication with groups upwards of 90,000 people. A simple user friendly application. 

Applying this type of technology to the masses e.g. metropolises, municipalities, cities, etc, would bridge a chasm between urban design, its overall functionality, and society’s needs.

The Appgree technicians are currently upgrading and optimizing the application to allow the fluid communication and dialogue between two masses of people; this will allow for heightened functionality and unparalleled accuracy across even more sizable spectrums of individuals or institutions, and more.

To underscore and enhance developmental progress, the individual, the engineer, the architect, the politician, the city, the society, and many more must remember and embrace the following:

"To have a dialogue, ask first then… listen"


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