Thoughts | The Architect

The art of modelling space is divided in states, levels of knowledge, light and shadow. Its ancestral technique is based on the simplicity of its complexity, in knowing that the path is not born from the knowledge of each stone, but of knowing how to look at the top of the mountain that wants to be climbed.

Level one: The floorplan architect.

The exciting chessboard of architecture has clear rules just like the great game.

Their bidimensional bases are known, embracing and respecting from the early years of career; the growth of a project from the stain on a sketch that shapes its form.

The plane is revealed as a functional representation of reality, a concept, an essence. A format understood and followed by everyone that gives, as a result, the represented piece built to scale.

That’s how the line, becomes the main tool that captures, in the most reliable way, what the artist dreams, imagines, envisions.

Every architect, good or bad one, knows what a plane means.

Every architect, whatever their degree is, built this level of knowledge.


Level two: The volume architect.

Not every architect's ambition, from his first sketches is to control the spatiality of his work, to give three-dimensionality to his project; breath the breath of perfection, give it a soul that defines it, a soul that glorifies it... 

No, not every architect achieves it. 

No need to be so foolish. Not every professional is even aware that such level even exists; that the plane can be just the base of this great science that was not born to be painted, but sculpted. 

This is the secret that no one talks about: Pandora.

The essence of this great profession imprisoned in a box in which, as people says, suffering, desolation, evil is contained... Even so, I can assure that I have never opened anything so dazzling as Pandora. 

His shadow is only for those who do not handle it, for whom their unintelligible rules are revealed as waters unable to be contained, for who was blinded by his light and overwhelmed by his soul.

The project is not a two-dimention stickfigure, the project from its inception is bones, muscles, skin, nerves, heart. Volume modeling the space.

And, finally, must be said that Pandora's Box has a box within.


This is known just for a few enlighted... "Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mistery, today is a gift, which is why we call it the present".

Our works will be lived in every single second, in each inspiration and expiration, in each heartbeat; they are calyxes marked by the past for a future that pushes them to become a different object, to be modified or changed.

That’s how THE PROJECT is born. The dimensionality volume accepts time rules: perpetually changing in potency and action.