Dictionary | Identity

It’s the first impact a brand delivers. It goes beyond representation; its clear objective is to create evangelists that will fall in love with the trademark, the brand, the identity.

The identity puts an image to a service or a product. It also defines a quality level, creates a picture of an unwritten commitment with the receiver.

It’s gateway to a business, the entry door to an idea, a dream. It’s a way to interact with the world starting a conversation with other people, companies and institutions.

Identity is “welcome” in a new language, a personal one with whomever it wants to connect to.

[Antonio Matres | Architect & Interior Designer]

Having an identity, either a personal or a corporative one, is essential for succeeding. Without a strong identity one can not seduce, attract, amuse or captive anyone. Without a unique and differentiated personality, one will go unnoticed.

An identity is something organic and mutable; something that we construct little by little; something that grows and must be fed; something that changes to adapt itself to the own needs.

It is deeper, more essential, than a logo. We, as designers, must overcome the obstacles that our discipline entails and work together with and for the companies. This way, we will gradually create a global, attractive, different and memorable identity. 

[Porcuatro | Identity Design Group]