Details One | Boa Nova, Alvaro Siza

“The detail is everything” - that’s the only thing that comes to mind when I walk around this piece of art situated in the middle of nowhere.

When construction exceeds what is expected, it becomes a unique object of devotion. That is what happens with the infinite piece that covers Boa Nova.

The roof is no longer simply protection from the elements; it becomes a fundamental composition and framework containing that which can’t be contained: the view of the endless ocean opened in our presence. 


Indescribable is the feeling one experiences when eating there. The centenary delicacy of observing the fullness of the infinite, hidden in the shadows, expectant, with no time or other sound than that of the imposing presence of the ocean that the artist, the great Alvaro Siza, puts as a canvas in front of us...

The moment is magic and the place seems to recite whole paragraphs of that exquisite work that is In praise of shadows: “we delight in the mere sight of the delicate glow of fading rays clinging to the surface of a dusky wall, there to live out what little life remains to them. We never tire of the sight, for to us this pale glow and these dim shadows far surpass any ornament.”

“The detail is everything.” The cantilever moves through all the states of matter. The volume that gives body to this piece melts in a ribs seriation repeated rhythmically that culminate in the perfect snap closure.

The composition of the structure is supreme: full infinity - empty - full - vacuum infinity. The wood fades transformed into heaven, into space; the shadow is transformed into light, black into color, the tangible into incorporeal.

Sited facing the imposing window of this small space of delicate food, time loses the sense of being, and architecture claims its place as one of the great arts of all time.