BIGBADBOO headquarters 01.jpg


Location  |  NEW YORK [NY]
Client  |  BIG BAD BOO
Size  |  4,000.00 SF

Am Studio is thrilled to join BigBadBoo in their relocation to 68 Thomas St. As a company striving to elevate the progressive messaging to children on an international scale, it’s an honor to mirror this elevation to the company’s home base.

The entrance front desk greets occupants, followed by a rotating wall that allows for variety in layout. The progression from public to private space then leads to the office area, with communal desks, closely followed by a meeting room comprised of glass walls.

Despite the most enclosed area being the three offices in the rear of the studio, each is constructed with glass wall, maintaining the inviting nature of the brand.

Custom painting and artworks reference the core of the company and provide a playful pause from the crisp and modern professional space.